ECU Youth 2017

European Youth Chess Championship 2017 Mamaia, Romania, September, 4-15

Federatia Romana de Sah
European Chess Union
Primaria Constanta
Consiliul Judetean Constanta


Technical Meeting

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4 -15 SEPTEMBER 2017


CHIEF ARBITER: IA Takis Nikolopoulos (GRE)
PAIRINGS: IA Radu-Catalin Chirila (ROU)

PLAYING HALL: All tournament’s groups will play in the ground floor of the Mamaia Expozitional Center.

In the Playing Halls only Players, Arbiters, Officials, Organizer’s staff, Official Photographers (wearing the relevant accreditation badges, given by the Organizer) and persons authorized by the Chief Arbiter (VIP, e.t.c.) are allowed.
The Accompanying persons (parents, captains, trainers, e.t.c.) are allowed to be in all Playing Halls till five (5) minutes before the start of the round, taking photos and helping their children to find their boards. Then they have to leave the Playing Hall so that the Round will start without their presence.
All persons (Players, Arbiters, e.t.c.) who are allowed to be in the Playing Halls must wear their badges that were given by the Organizer, otherwise they will not be allowed to enter.

SYSTEM OF GAMES: There will be Swiss System Tournaments in 9 rounds and in 12 Groups (G 08-18, O 08-18).
Swiss Manager Program will be used for the pairings.
Pairings will be announced as soon as possible and maximum 1 hour after the end of the last game of the Round.
They will be published on the Chess-results website and on the Official website of the event and will be posted in announcement boards outside of the Playing Halls.

SCHEDULE: Technical Meeting starts at 10:00, on September 5 (Tuesday), in the Playing Hall
Round 1 starts at 15:00, on September 5 (Tuesday)
Free day is on September 10 (Sunday)
Round 9 (last) starts at 13:00, on September 14 (Thursday)
Closing Ceremony starts at 20:00, on September 14.

TIME CONTROL: For all groups:
90 minutes for 40 moves + 30 minutes for the end of the game, with 30 seconds increment per move, starting from move 1, per player.
DGT electronic clocks will be used.

LIVE TRANSMISSION: About one hundred (100) games will be transmitted live on Internet.
For anti cheating measures it will be a delay of 15 minutes in the live transmission.

(1). It will be no Zero Tolerance Rule. The default time will be 15 minutes (i.e. the players may be late for the start of the round maximum up to 15 minutes. Any player who will arrive in his/her board in more than 15 minutes after the start of the round will lose his/her game).
(2). It will be no Draw Restriction Rule. Draws are allowed in any number of moves. In case of a threefold repetition the players have to call the Arbiter.
(3). Players who have finished their games must leave the playing area immediately after the end of their games.
(4). Players who are playing their games are not allowed to speak with other players or with any other person (Chief of Delegations, Captains, Trainers, Parents, Accompanying persons, spectators, e.t.c.). For anti cheating measures there will be additional Arbiters inside and outside of the playing halls, who will check if the players contact between each other or with other persons during their games. These Arbiters are entitled to forfeit the players immediately, in case they notice such inappropriate contacts.
(5). Players are forbidden to carry with them in the playing halls and during their games mobiles or any other communication devices. According to the FIDE Laws of Chess (article 11.3.) and the FIDE Anti cheating regulations, the Arbiters have the right to search any player (his/her pockets, shoes, clothes, bags, e.t.c.) before, during or after the game and in case a mobile or any communication device will be found with him/her, he/she will be forfeited immediately, even if the devices will be switched off.
(6). Any player who wants to complain for cheating by his/her opponent must sign the In-Tournament Complaint Form, otherwise the complaint will not be taken into consideration. In case the complaint will be proved unjustified, the player will have the consequences, according to the FIDE Anti cheating regulations.
(7). After the end of their game the players have to sign both score sheets and, in order to avoid wrong results, to call the Arbiter and give him the score sheets. They are not allowed to leave their board before the Arbiter comes to the board, collects and checks both score sheets.

TIE BREAK CRITERIA: The tie break criteria for all groups are:
(a). Direct encounter (only if all players in the tie have played against each other),
(b). Buchholz Cut 1
(c ). Buchholz,
(d). Greater number of games with black (unplayed games count as white),
(e). Greater number of wins.

The first three (3) players in each group will be awarded medals.
The first five (5) players in each group will be awarded cups, diplomas and valuable prizes.

The following anti cheating measures will be applied:
(a). The live transmission will be delayed for fifteen (15) minutes.
(b). Additional Arbiters (“Anti cheating” Arbiters) will be inside and outside of all Playing Halls, checking the players for contacts with other players or other persons (spectators, captains, trainers, parents, e.t.c.). They are entitled to forfeit the players immediately, in case they notice inappropriate contacts.
(c). Arbiters may perform random checks of the players, according to the article 11.3 of the FIDE Laws of Chess and the FIDE Anti cheating regulations.

Chairman: Michalchishin (SLO)
Member: Peter Pisk (CZE)
Member: Ivan Tabarini (SMR)


CHIEF ARBITER, IA Takis Nikolopoulos: +306983519320
ROMANIAN CHESS FEDERATION, Vladimir Danilov, Secretary General: +40 745 009 623

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